Golf Shoes Fitting Guide

What makes a good Golf Shoe, and what should you take into account when buying new shoes?

Most of us golfers play in all weathers, so should we buy shoes that are waterproof, because not all golf shoes are. Is it better to have waterproofs or not?

The answer is of course yes, although it’s not vital especially in warmer climates, or at certain times of the year, and it may add to the cost of your shoes as well.

But, having that extra comfort to keep out the wet and keep your feet dry is a bonus. Who knows what will happen with the weather when you’re on the course, although waterproofing will only last for 2 – 3 years so they may need treating again or you’ll need to buy new shoes.

Manufacturers treat most shoes to repel water and they will supply a spray to treat them after the initial treatment wears off.


Where your foot comes into contact with the shoe is the insole. Look to see what cushion and the amount of comfort the insole provides as you need good protection to avoid friction against your skin, which can cause blisters. All shoes need breaking in and will feel tight at first, but just make sure they feel soft enough that they will stretch, and provide the comfort you’ll need to play your game.

The insole needs to mould to your foot as soon as possible to give that ultimate comfort.


Maybe this is the most important part of any shoe as the outer sole is the part that keeps the foot on the ground when striking the ball and needs to grip the turf to gain max stability.Not only that, but we need flexibility in the upper part for good movement and the shoe needs to breathe to avoid sweaty feet.

We also want to look good so we feel confident.


No golfer or any sportsperson wants a shoe that restricts movement. This causes friction, discomfort, and at worse blisters.

It’s worth spending time finding the right golf shoe that is comfortable and provides maximum protection against soreness and injury to your feet. Comfort above all else is a must when choosing your new Golf Shoes.


Who wants footwear that creates sweaty, smelly feet, no one! That why it’s essential to get shoes that let your feet breathe, and stops odour.

A lot of hours are spent in a golf shoe under many different conditions, so finding a shoe that allows moisture to dry, and feet to breathe throughout 18-holes golf.

To summarise we need Golf Shoes that:


What are the main qualities the best golf shoes should have?



Good stability is essential, as the Golf Shoe will be the foundation of your golf swing.

You need to be firmly attached to the ground throughout your golf swing. That’s why most golf shoes have spikes, some kind of gripping material on the sole. Comfort while walking

A round of golf can be a 3-5 mile walk, depending on your ability and whether you use a cart or not. Even with a cart, there’s a lot of walking so it’s important to have a comfortable shoe that’s the correct size, weight, and made of the right material.


Comfort during swing

During a golf swing, you make a lot of movement that’s different from walking. Your feet move around within the shoe and therefore the inner shoe needs to be soft and flexible to withstand the heavy friction. It will be uncomfortable and may cause injuries if this is not achieved.


 Shoe resistance against golf course conditions

Waterproofing for golf shoes is very important. The game is played in various weather conditions and a lot of the time in mud and dirt.

Waterproofed materials usually have issues with breathability, so a balance between both factors, as well as the right fit for the course climate should all be considered. The best golf shoes must be at the very least water-resistant.


Shoe Style

Style is a matter of choice, once you’ve found the essentials then you need to find a pair of shoes that you think look good. If you feel you look good there’s a good chance you’ll play better. Believe it or not, that’s true.

There is a wide variety of styles offered by golf shoe manufacturers. Maybe you prefer a classic, sophisticated look, or the sporty modern look, whatever your choice there’s plenty out there – both women’s and men’s golf shoes. Don’t forget style should be balanced with the functionality of the golf shoes.


Use Of Latest Technology

Manufacturers vary their approach to technology in their shoes. Some use materials that provide both waterproofing and breathability.

The sole of the golf shoe is where the most advancement has been made, whether it be a spike or spikeless shoe, technology has improved stability, and traction.

There have also been huge advancements in the lining, ventilation to improve waterproofing and breathability over the years.

 It’s safe to say the best golf shoes should use the latest technology. 


Overall fit

A pair of golf shoes with the proper fit is important to ensure comfort. Always a good consideration is obviously length and width.

There are additionally some more considerations you should have to ensure a proper fit., ankle entry, toe box,  should all be considered to ensure comfort during swing rotation, as well as the size of the heel cup to allow enough space for swing rotation.




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