Is There an Advantage – Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoe?

Is There an Advantage – Spiked Golf Shoe or Spikeless Golf Shoe?


What to choose spike shoe or spikeless golf shoe.

There is so much choice today that’s hard to get the right shoes . There are literally hundreds of brands, designs and now sole types.

When you buy a new pair of golf shoes you need to ask ‘what exactly do I want from my shoes?

It’s pretty obvious that spiked shoes are used for wet, muddy weather, and spikeless are for when the weather is dry and the ground is firm, or even hard. So if you only play in the winter then spiked are for you. If you only play in the summer then it’s spikeless.

If you play all year round then you either buy 2 pairs or use the same shoe in winter and summer and possibly struggle at one time of year.

Spikeless will give little grip in muddy conditions and spiked can be hard on your feet when the ground is hard. So which ones should I get?


Features of Spikeless Golf Shoes


Spikeless shoes are generally lighter and slightly more comfortable.

They will have a dimpled sole that gives a better grip on hard, firm surfaces.

Golf clubs will usually let you wear them indoors and they are ideal for the driving range.

Most spikeless shoes, however, will not be waterproof, so if you do get out on a wet day your feet could end up wet.



Spiked golf shoes are designed to give a good grip on wet surfaces.

Today’s spikes are usually made of rubber or plastic, so will grip on most surfaces without causing too much damage. (on the green). Older types of shoes use metal spikes which caused more damage, but the modern-day spikes are wider and tend to spread the weight over a wider area.

It is hard to find a shoe with metal spikes today, and most golf clubs would frown upon their use as they can cause too much damage to the greens, compared to plastic or rubber spikes.

Most spiked shoes are waterproof and ideal for wet conditions and can be treated with sprays to maintain their waterproofing.






So what about design?

Whatever you choose it’s vital that you go for comfort, reliability, and fit for purpose.

Do they fit well?

Will they get me around the golf course in comfort?

Will they stop me slipping when I swing?

Are they waterproof?

Will they keep my feet dry and warm?

Once you find a golf shoe that covers all of that, then it’s time to look for design and color.

Remember, you walk a long way playing a round of golf, and depending on how much you play, will determine how long your shoes will last. They will, as any shoe, need breaking in so make sure you ask yourself all the above questions before you buy.

Don’t buy cheap, you’ll get what you pay for and your golf shoes are probably more important than the clubs or anything else in your bag.






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